Adobe Photoshop CC New Features – PS 2020

Adobe Photoshop CC - 2020 New Features

What is Adobe Photoshop?. Adobe Photoshop is the software, for edit/create photo and raster graphics. It develops for Adobe inc. In 1988, by Thomas and John Knoll. PS was the no 1 most popular, and professional level raster graphic editing software today. professional photographers, graphic designers are most like to use this software. Why peoples like photoshop?. The reason is, Adobe Photoshop has a very user-friendly interface. and it provides more advanced editing features. Adobe Photoshop comes for both, Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC, IOS, and Also Now PS available on Android.

what can we do with photoshop

Adobe Photoshop provides easily editable options to raster graphics. it can handle basic to advance edits. Compose images in multiple layers and many cool models like an example – RGB, CMYK, spot color, etc. Now Today 3D Photoshop can works with 3D Graphics, videos, animations, and more extra things it can do. I think It is one of the cool reason, why Photoshop was famous around the world.

Now More Advanced plugins and Effects available for Adobe Photoshop. For example ON1 Effect, Fontself Maker, Nik Collection, Luminar, Pexels Plugin. And more other cool kinds of stuff. Most studios, film industry, freelancers are using this software for their everyday works.

what are the new features in adobe photoshop cc 2020

Adobe Photoshop cc 2020 is the latest version. Let’s look at some newest features we can see with PS CC 2020 version.

  • Fill faster, blur better option – The latest release of Adobe Photoshop delivers better improvements for the Lens Blur effect. It helps to provide a more natural and realistic look when blurring with an object in the foreground with the Latest version. Improved Content-Aware Fill gives you more creative control by letting you fill multiple areas of an image without leaving the window.
  • Object Selection tool – This Tool Supports for Create fast and precise selections by drawing a simple rectangle or lasso around an object.
  • Enhanced Transform Warp – With New PS CC will Provide more control in the Warp tool, you can add control points anywhere or divide your image with a customizable grid. And can do transform by individual nodes or a larger selection.
  • Improved Properties panel – New Photoshop Properties panel will provide more of the controls you need in a central location. Easily change document settings, access all type layer settings, and use convenient Quick Actions.
  • More Additional Features and Gradients – New PS will provide some of the Great new looking gradients, patterns, swatches, layers, styles, and shapes

Photoshop is a paid software if you need it first you must buy it. Adobe will provides some various plans for you. you can find out and choose what kind of plan you want. specially Adobe will provide some discounts for Teachers and also Students. I think it was a Adobe’s great offer for their Customers. If you Designer?. I think you know better than me about this product. Leave a Comment with your Experience with Adobe Photoshop.

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