Location tracking and sharing using Google Map

Location Tracking with Google Map

Location Tracking with Google Map

Location tracking with Google Maps!, Is that possible?, Google added the ability to share your real-time location in Google Maps. This facility also means you can track, share the place of your friends, parents, children, lovers as they go about their situations. It could be useful if you, your family members, and friends are on a night out and trip somewhere.

To track, share our friend’s real-time location on Google Maps, first make sure your location services are enabled. An Android or iSO device, you can check where they are at any time the Google Maps app, or by visiting websites.

On your Android phone or, tablet open the Google Maps app and sign it. After you choose how long you want to share your location. Then choose who you want to share with your site to type a name, phone numbers, or email address in the box.

That app has recently used your location. You can then go to Google Maps and check to make sure location-sharing is off. To get the most out of modern technology, you have to give up some of your privacy. Here is about Location Tracking with Google Maps,

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