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python hello world

Welcome to ww5ww. Today we are going to start our Python Programming Series. In this lesson, I will show you how to build a simple python hello world program and how to display “Hello, World” or another some string with Python and how to run a python file. Before starting today lesson makes sure you already installed python environment on your system. here this is the link to get download Python Programming Environment.

Now we are going to write our first program in python. In every programming language, this is the first step. So this program name is ” Hello world “, This is the first program. Now we are going to write this is a very easy program. Let’s begin. using this program we can get display a text in the console. let’s get the start.

how to write hello world program

first i will show you the code i will explain it later

    print ( " Hello word " )

yes, of course, this is the python hello world program. This is the way to print a string in python, and the hello world is a string, in feature lesson I will talk about more about that. now you can run this program and get “Hello, World” text in your display.

look at the image now

How to save a python program

if you are done this program now you want to save your file as python file, python files will define with .*py extension. that’s mean python source file. Make sure if your program name with *.py extension. Look the down below you can get an idea.

example – ” Filename “.py

Another way we have to print some string in python. it is use single quotes. python also defines both single and double quotes are the strings. try your self and try more different ways.

That’s it for today’s lesson if you are interested in using python leave a comment. Thank You

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