Getting Started with Microsoft Command Prompt.


Introduction To Windows Command Prompt

Hello, Everyone, Welcome to Express Learning about windows CMD Tutorial Series. In This Tutorial Series I’m gonna show you Everything About Microsoft Windows Command Prompt. I Hope you guys Enjoy with this. In this Introductory post I’m not talking all things about windows command prompt today.

What is The Windows Command Prompt ?

CMD/Windows Command Prompt is the Command Line Interpreter Which is used to OS/2, eComStation, Windows NT, Windows CE, and ReactOS operating systems. In Today CMD is the Main Command Line Interpreter Program in Windows NT Systems. CMD Interpret Some Inbuilt DOS Commands. That Commands is not case-sensitive. May Be the Reason is CMD Interpreter used DOS-Batch Language. Batch is a Scripting Language is using in CMD. In Feature Posts We Will Talk About. I Think This Might be enough for Introduction to Windows Command Prompt.

What is Use of Windows Command Prompt ?

UI – User Interface is the Main part of any Operating System, In Today Mostly Can seen GUI – Graphical User Interface Operating Systems. They are Easy to Handle, User Friendly and also Attractive. But Some Advanced functions, Low-Level Processes and Other Low-Level Activities User Couldn’t Understand In Using This Kind Of GUI Interface Operating Systems. At The Past Operating Systems Didn’t have any GUI Interfaces. They Used Command Line Interfaces. That Kind Of Operating Systems aren’t User Friendly. In CLI Operating Systems, Every Process Interacted With Commands, and they used Special Program for Interactive with User and Operating System. They Called it “Command-line interpreter”. In Unix Like Systems They Called it Unix-Shell, in DOS & Windows NT Systems Used CMD For Work With Command Line Interface.

How Do We Access Windows Command Prompt ?

You can Simply Find out Windows Command Prompt in Your Windows Start or Searching CMD or Command Prompt in Windows 10. or you Can Open Up Windows Run Dialog Box and Type cmd Then Press OK.

Now You Can Seen Windows Command Prompt Window On your Screen In The Top You Can See Your Windows Version Information. and You Can see Little Prompt like these “C:\Users\Username> “

** In Administration mode You Can See Prompt Like This “C:\Windows\system32>” it is a Root Location where cmd.exe was Located in.), In Feature I Will Talk About That.

In This Intro Post I’m Not Talking About More. I think That’s enough for This Tutorial, Hope you guys Enjoy With This. Have a Great Day, See You Later.


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