if you’re searching for leads for your business then i got something very cool for you today it’s called client finder which is a new cloud-based tool that allows you to search for clients and it gives you a lot of information about those clients so it’s highly targeted as well now if this sounds interesting to you then stay tuned i’m going to show you all details in a second hey there this is tim fridau and thank you so much for checking out my client finder review now like i said this software um has some really cool features regarding finding leads online there are a lot of lead scrapers that will simply scrape leads from the internet but i think client finder is a little bit more powerful because it gives you a lot more information about your leads so that when you reach out you have more chance to score that lead to get that lead as a client so what i’m going to do is i’m going to give you a demo as you can see right now i’m already logged into the software but before i do so i want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video that will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about this product also you can see the pricing the funnel of this product the upsells available upsells and also some bonuses that you’re going to get if you purchase this product through my link simply click on one of these buttons and then these bonuses will be automatically be emailed to you so make sure to check out the website we’re going to talk about the pricing also a little later but first let me show you how this software works so first you’re going to start with a project so at the right top you see add a new project so let’s say i’m going to call this social media services and i’m going to search for businesses in new york now i have to say this tool is for the united states only so be aware that this is not worldwide this is for the united states so i’m going to generate a project here so what’s going to happen is that a bot is going to ask me some questions about my business so what is your business name so now i fill out my business name here at the bottom so i’m going to say tweeze this is my business name then it’s going to ask me a few questions so first of all it says describes yours describe your service your offer in details so what i’m gonna do is um i’m gonna type here i deliver social media marketing services helping businesses being visible online and then it’s going to ask the value of my service in dollars so i’m gonna say between thousand and ten thousand dollars and now it’s going to ask me the next question what kind of niches so these are the companies that i want to reach out to so let’s say i want to reach out to to barbers here and beauty salons i want to reach out to those companies and i want to do that in new york so here it’s going to say okay do you want to search for companies in the usa okay and confirm that and here you can select the states that you want to search in so you can search for specific businesses in specific states so in this case i’m going to do new york and you can also search for all businesses or all states in here so i’m going to select the state and then it’s going to ask me to select a city again you can select all cities or you can select new york in this case we’re going to do new york i’m going to hit okay and now it’s going to search the leads for me now i noticed that it’s going to search for these clients right now and it says finding your clients but the results were not shown here so i think i’ve early i have early access so that’s the reason why it’s not being displayed in here so i’m gonna select it in here again uh beauty salons was the other one so let’s select that one as well and then new york and here again new york as well and i’m to hit search and now the search results will show up here so i have 1017 leads in new york which are barbers and beauty salons so this is what you’ll get here you can find all the results and i think this is very powerful because here is all the information so you can see do they have a website so when they do have a website you see this icon in here that’s a little bit uh small but you can see the icon in here do they have an instagram account yes they have do they have a google map claimed yes they have uh they have a google pixel on their website and this is very important because you can see a lot of websites in here that do not have a google pixel so let’s say you do advertising you deliver advertising services for businesses then you can see oh those websites do not have a pixel on their website so they also do not do advertising so you can deliver your advertising service to these businesses and you have also different kind of filters in here so it says switch on any of these filters to completely hide leads that don’t have this information so if they do not have an email you can select this and apply the filter and then you will only get the results that will have an email available but you can also say let’s say you are a web designer then you can say okay everyone who has a website i don’t want to see that result in here i only want to see the results from businesses that do not have a website or a phone number or a google claim map stuff like that and then you can apply the filters and you will get new results now the cool thing is that you can also click on each specific business and this will give you detailed information about this company so in here you can see this company does not even have a domain url claimed so this is a perfect website let’s say you do deliver web design services then you reach out to the barber shop they have a phone number that you can reach out to and then you simply discuss or maybe they have an email so here is all the information available and this company has a lot of red crosses as you can see they do not have anything in domain they do not ever advertise they do not even have social media accounts so basically this is the perfect client to reach out to so here you can say i want to add this to the leads and then it will be stored to your leads or you can select them in here let’s say you want to store those leads and you want to add them to your leads and you simply click here add to leads and it will be added to your list of leads for this specific project so here’s another one let’s say the hair salon you want to look at this hair salon also does not have a domain url so this is another perfect company to deliver your web services and this is very cool so with these results you can reach out and deliver your services and i think this is some very cool information this actually these are three clients that i can reach out to to deliver my service like they do not have social media accounts they do not have a domain they do not have a google map or they do have a google maps claimed here so that’s the only thing that they did so this way you can get some highly targeted results and then once you store them in your leads here you go to your leads you have those leads that you have stored in here and then you can reach out to them or you can apply another filter in here to filter out other results and let’s say you want to select all these businesses you can also add them to your autoresponder right now i don’t have an autoresponder connected but when you go here to the integrations part these are the integrations that you will be able to integrate with client finder so you have mailchimp get response activecampaign sentlane as you can see these are all very well known email autoresponders that you can add to clientfinder and then you have added them to your list as well so you can go to your projects in here so as you can see here these were the social media services new york but you can also go back to your previous project so in here you create your projects and then you go over your leads in here let’s say you want to take a look at this lead then you see some more information you can see this company has a lot more information in here this company has a website so you can also take a look at their website by simply clicking the url and then it will load the website for you and you can see okay this is not a really nice website so you can also offer your service to create a brand new website for them and as you can see all the details are in in this place so also this company does not run any ads so client finder really gives you targeted leads where you can find all the information for your service in this case i’m talking about a web designer or a social media company that wants to deliver their social media services or their web design services but if you have other services you can check that in here if they if they already uh have a service provided for them or not and then your chance of getting this lead to become a buyer is much higher now this is basically what this product is all about now what i’m going to do which i normally don’t do is i’m also going to show you one of the upsells uh because when you go to my website let me close this you can see here um the upgrade to is the outreacher called email writer now i was very impressed by this uh email writer here because at the beginning we filled out the details for our company right so when we go back here to this project the social media services new york uh what you can do with outreach your emails here is you can write emails for your company the cold emails so what i’m gonna do here i’m going to fill out this line here so here it says the thing that we already filled out at the beginning i deliver social media marketing services helping businesses being visible online and then your company service name so this could be social media services new york or your company name and then in here i’m going to say we run social media campaigns for our clients to get better results and then you can select the tone of of voice so you could do professional or you could do childish luxuries mysterious slang friendly just whatever you prefer but i’m gonna do this professional and look what happens when i click on generate email copy and i was really impressed by the results that it gave so let’s see if it happens again that i’m impressed by the results that it’s generating so now it says hi and then the name i’m highly skilled i’m a highly skilled social media marketer i help businesses get better results from social media i manage social media accounts for my clients and run bespoke campaigns that help them to get more reach and engagement for their business if you’re looking to improve your business presence online please get in touch with me to discuss how we can work together i would love to talk about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals over the phone for 50 minutes i think this is a really professional email here’s the next one i’m contacting contacting you about a new social media marketing service called and then the your company name and then we run social media campaigns for our clients to get better results our services are unique in that we are able to deliver a measurable roi by creating engaging content and distributing it through multiple social media channels i think this is really gene and the why i’m so impressed is that i only filled out these details in here and now these emails have been written professionally about my service so it comes up with content automatically so this has to be some artificial intelligent email writer stuff that is creating these emails for me and i’ve seen multiple emails that have generated with the system and they are really really good so if you’re looking for a complete system then i highly recommend you to get this email right because it’s i i could not have written this better myself so that is the upsell let’s go to to the pricing so the front end product is 37 you get the commercial license and with the front end product you get 500 searches per month so that’s what i did at the beginning i create a project then i do a search and that is one search and you can do 500 searches per month now the upgrade one the first upgrade is the professional which will unlock everything unlimited which is 67 so this is what i recommend if you’re really serious about creating a lot of leads reaching out to a lot of leads then i recommend you to get the upgrade one as well and then you upgrade to if you like to get help with writing your emails then i also recommend you to get the cold email writer outreacher which in my opinion is very professional and delivers really good results and then there’s also done for you digital marketing services uh that you can also deliver as a service and an upgrade for is resellify plus client finder reseller which means that you can resell uh client finder yourself and also resellify and keep 100 of the profit so if you want to promote this product and keep 100 of the profit then the upgrade 4 is also very interesting so again uh if you want to get all these details there is a link in the description you also get all these bonuses mentioned on this page simply click on one of these buttons it will redirect you to the sales page where you can purchase the product um and yeah i guess that’s it so if you like this video please hit that thumbs up i would really appreciate that and also if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel then consider subscribing if you like to get updated with reviews about uh yes software products that’s what i do most of the time i review software products uh and of course if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below all right that’s it for today thank you so much for watching have an awesome day and i hope to see you in my next video talk soon bye

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