Start programming with Python – Introduction to Python

Python 1

Start Programming with Python, Introduction to Python programming. Hello There, this is the first lesson of Python programming free lesson series. In this lesson, I’m gonna show you some basics and introduction to python language and I’m gonna explain what is the python and also why we need to learn python. Let’s begin.

What is Python Language?

python is a most popular language and it is a general-purpose language and it is very easy to learn and it is a lightweight powerful language.
this programming language is created by Guido Van Rossum in 1989. This language is also using in machine learning and artificially intelligence.
because this is a very easy language than other languages. it’s awesome right. And this language is free to use for everyone.

What are the uses of python

you can use this language for anything like artificial intelligence, web design and development, For creating GUI ( graphical user interface ) and game development, anything you want. one more important thing this language is also using for cybersecurity and hacking you can make cool programs like hacking tools scripts any many things.

job opportunities

  • you can be a web developer,web designer
  • data scientist
  • network engineer
  • cyber security
  • server engineering

how to install python to your PC

it is very easy to install python into your PC let me show you how. first, you need to the latest version of python you can download it from here.
after you downloading python you need to install it to your PC after that simple steps now you can choose an IDE. why we need IDE? IDE will easier coding. most famous python IDE is PyCharm you can download it from the internet.

are you interested in python programming do you want to make your future bright and meaningful this language is one of the best ways to make your future today you can be a professional in it industry you can be any person what do you like to be in the future in it industry make your future today Start programming with python

leave a comment if you are interested in using python.

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