Apple WWDC 21 Announced: How looks like iOS 15

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC, Apple World Wide Developer Conference

The Last date of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) announced last 30 of March. Every year all are waiting for this Conference to get to know what are the new updates and news about Apple’s software and its products. In WWDC 21 They show some preview news about Apple iOS 15, macOS, iPadOS, Apple’s Watch OS, and their projects and the Special Apple’s WWDC Swift Challenge. Like in previous Conferences, That is the reason all are waiting for Apple’s World Wide Conference in 21.

They set the day of this event from June 7 to June 11 in this year.

Apple WWDC annual event organized by Apple inc. But in this year something special on WWDC 21 Conference, Apple announced this year their Developer Conference will stream fully online-only and free for Apple Developers.

The Swift Student Challenge

Every year at this Conference Apple creates an event called “Apple Swift Student Challenge”. This event is another great thing for new developers in WWDC who had new ideas of programming and developing new applications and projects for Apple or their Platforms. If someone had the idea to building applications in Apple macOS or Apple iOS, This is the best option for them.

Here are some conditions Apple gives before being a to participate in this program. Read it carefully and you can get an idea before you participate in this WWDC Swift Challenge.

  • Age Limit – The minimum age for this Challenge is 13 years of age. (But It will be changing in some territory countries)
  • Must be a Developer – This means before applying for this Challenge you need to register free with Apple’s developer program as a Developer.

Here is the Last one, you must prove you’re a student in some university or any institute as a student. If you interest in Apple’s Student Challenge here is the Official Web page to get information about WWDC and other related WWDC events.

See you soon with a new ww5ww post in the latest news about Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in 2021.

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